For you Bryan Callen

This blog here is unlike the others. This blog is absolutely 100% true. *

As I set out on my 15 year plan, I chose you Bryan, more like you chose me, to help Hollywood understand this idea.

Because I've never written it down for the public to see, yet I'm writing it to you for the world to see... well, no one has seen it yet because nobody really reads this blog besides my mother who says she reads it, but just opens it and tells me the words look good, which is: 

As a Buddhist, tired of seeing people blowing themselves up in the name of religion, tired of seeing children living in those places, it is my goal to bring as many more temples to the gated temple area of Kataragama, Sri Lanka to add to the Buddhist, Muslim, and Hindu temples that are already there, temples that pray side-by-side with each other and participate in each other' s religious ceremonies. I have already started a hotel there 10 years ago and have progressively participated in their religious ceremonies with the goal to bring the powers that be, the money, and the attention, to the place on the island and the world that I decided I could make possible. I can do this Bryan. I just could use some help.

I chose you, Bryan, because out of everyone that I have ever listened to and followed, you are able to understand this idea more than anyone. How I plan on doing it, you're gonna be one of the only people that are going to back me when I do it at first.  And most importantly, I believe that you will believe me when I say I can do this with or without you, but with you will make it so much better. Then maybe you can help me convince Eddie to come to a place where I can show him that the Earth really is round because his yapping about a flat Earth is bouncing in my brain and it's starting to hurt.