I am the Yin, Edgar the Yang

Fact or fiction in this blog? You be the judge.  Don't take too long doing so though, that's boring.

I realized today staring off into space, that people might mistake my intentions of Edgar. The physical similarities that are becoming Edgar mirror my own, the tattoo in general, which someone just loved and waited to critically point out, his philosophy similar to mine. It would be not only ironic, but raw humor for me to think anything but the opposite, because He is not I, nor I, Him.

He is, what I am not. He is a leader. He is disciplined, forged, focused, determined. His dragon is on his opposite shoulder defending his back, mine on my left, protecting my heart leaving me ultimately vulnerable. Unlike me, Edgar rides free and true, unwavering and steady. I shake and doubt. He is strong when I am weak. He has faith when I do not, which is eternal in its cycle.

I have the little piece of Him inside of me as the Yin does the Yang. He has my Yin inside of Him to connect me to Him. He is a figment of my imagination, yet he gives me the tangible strength I need to move forward with my mission. My heart is bound to his, yet his is bound to none and everyone together. 

His powers are limitless, yet I purposefully limit my power. He is my teacher, yet one day I hope him to be my student when I can tame my dragon. He is who I strive to become. He is who I wish to be everyday, which is, the opposite of who I feel I really am.