Oh, Achilles

As always, fact or fiction here? You'll never know you ruthless, powerful reader. And to the powerless reader, I'm a writer, not an editor you lovely douchebag, so there are gonna be mistakes.  

Drunk and stoned in a wannabe place in the outskirts of Q6 with the thoughts among my mind. 420 Outlawed is about ready to take affect at midnight tonight. 2077. A year after the Amen came in droves. A year after the world was split into Quadrants. Yet, the Amen could not claim that one.

 AI thinks the fragments of the moon might cast a shadow favorably onto our planet, but chaos is ultimately going to ensue. Martial Law was thrown out the window a few days before when the Amen realized that even Acommanders were vulnerable to a ground assembly. Amen Law is now in effect. Drones probe the air, Amen hover from above. Those who did not not follow the rules were terminated indiscriminately. The idea of an Acommander, an Amen's right of passage, was almost completely eliminated at the Battle of TelluRidge. Drones, slaves, and the occasional Henchman were enough to control Earth's population for a time when the Amen had to regroup and reorganize.  It didn't change the fact that World Intel hacked The Hack and leaked their food formula, their almost perfect plan to contaminate Earth's entire population, leaving them completely vulnerable to The Claw, the Scanner ship frequency that could mind lock any being into total submission. That just about changed the tide of the revolution. For once, all of the Quadrants could agree that it was a revolution and not a resistance. We revolt. We do not resist. The Amen had already pushed us past a resistance.

My mission was chosen and accepted. The World Hopper burned as it always did when I passed through. My bag was on fire. My skin, sweltered, rised, burned, and was bubbling when I crossed the threshold. I tried, My Life Force, I tried, but it hurt too much, and I passed out before I could hit the breach button. I heard the chant, "Ysquared" or was it "Why2" ring out as the flash of a Time Buster knocked me totally unconscious. But the being was able to inject the medicine to treat my burns before they was sucked back into the void.

There was another flash. I felt the dragon against my skin lift, and the light of the tunnel blinded me before her arm pulled me through. It wasn't a World Hopper. It was something else, but I knew what it was because it had been instilled in my unconscious memory by The Life Force, The Energy before I had left, maybe even when I was born, but I had only realized it at that time. Before I had left the first place, the first time I was truly born. I was still the only documented being to have full consciousness the moment I was born.

I felt the needle penetrate my skin as the dragon sighed. It wasn't much progress, but it grew, and little did I know, but that was the last pleasant feeling I was going to have for the next 16 years. While all of this was passing through my head, it didn't occur to me that my bag was still smoldering and I had an explosive made up of ground up crystals from the caves in Zone 4 inside that had needed to pass through the gate with me. But it didn't matter because that explosive was in the very center