421, 69, 40

As always, what you read here may or may not happen, have happened, WILL happen, or could/could've happen/happened. Fuck that's confusing. Oh, and I'm not an ayditur.

Bombarded with 69s over the course of the past few months. Bombarded. Coming at my from everywhere.  I thought it was because I joined lingfriendfinder.com and had a kinky streak going, but I have been hit sideways, up, down, and from inside out with 69s.  I said outloud, "well, the sign of the 69 is Cancer, I was born the 1st day of Cancer, June 22, and this year I turned 40. With 421 being synchronistical, those are some synched up numbers. That's a synched up pattern.

Last month I said that this month something was going to happen because I not only felt it, but dreamed it in my mind. I imagined it, visualized it. And I realized why everything was seemingly working against me the past few weeks. I would've had a kickass (or so I thought) online teaching job making a ton more money than I am now (about $12 a day at the moment), but those losers couldn't get their shit together enough to fix a technical problem for over a week. Their heads were so far up their asses, they fucked up my pay from class one, spent weeks trying to fix a problem that still isn't sorted, and have been the most inept group of imbecile lunatics I've ever had the discomfort of ever working with. And had I gotten the job, the week before I would've probably been working instead of going to one of the most interesting interview/auditions I've ever had the pleasure of going to in my entire life.  And two things might happen from it: something or nothing, both I'm open for.

I got my van, although technically it's a sport wagon, 7 seater, totally unsexy... perfect. I had an interview for a private teaching job, one that my boss, AKA, "Mo", said was uncanny in the timing of my return... huh, "go figure" I said, and I came up with the idea that on top of driving Uber with this... gem-of-a-car I got... so clean. So, so clean inside, I'm going to try to start a driving service for Japanese drivers.  I have to do it legally of course, but it could be a way to get a bit of business going while I'm here. That's something I can do. 

My Lyft, Uber, USKid applications are out there ready to be picked up. I have to schedule another teaching demo lesson and make up for that horrible and horrendous company 51talk is #51talksucks . That was the worst experience of my life. I'm heading to Nashville to help my friend move, a great buddy from Korea is reading my book and giving me good insight to it, good critiques, and it just so happens that said-moving-to-Nashville friend is a University writing professor and she needs some work. So she's going to edit my book.

So, 421... thank you for showing up on my birthday yesterday. 421 points on my nephew's card. Now I'm wondering if my sister and her husband are in on this shit too. If 69 and all of the numbers mean the sign of Cancer, 40, and 421 synch up, then I'm just wondering when we're gonna get this show on the road.  Needless to say, but I'm completely excited.

Can't get this song out of my head: