Hovercab Diaries

As always, fact or fiction. Who knows? That's rhetorical.

Had my longest ride in Uhover today. 1 hour, 22 minutes on a single ride. When we got to our destination in the middle of nowhere we were so far gone, that my phone lost service. Needless to say we got lost. It was a huge ride, one that I would normally invite and love getting lost in, only to make more money. However the man, unbeknownst to himself, was a racist. I did my best to only listen. I chimed in when asked, and then asked questions when I didn’t agree with him. Towards the end of it I felt good because he slowly started to say, “I’ve never thought about it like that way” and even sounded surprised saying ”really, is that true?” To contradicting points he made about facts that felt as if they were passed down by rumor. That felt good. We got to the pin where I was supposed to drop him, but his boss didn’t know the code for the gate. So after about 5 minutes of him talking on the phone and me standing outside of the car. He informed me it would take more time. I got back in not wanting to just drop him out in the middle of nowhere, but after a few minutes he went back to unwittingly being a racist, I pulled the chute, said I had a Dr’s appointment and hoped he got where he needed fast. I think I peeled away screeching the tires feeling that good feeling drizzle away as my sadistic smile bore sunlight knowing that he was going to have to climb a fence and walk to his truck in a pasture full of cow shit.