As always, could be fact or fiction. You decide, or don't muthafucka.

I picked up a blind person today. I think it was Uber, maybe Lyft. Pretty sure Uber. She had a walking stick for the seeing impaired in her hands and was staring out into the distance and had the biggest smile on her face. As soon as she opened my door I knew she was different than any other blind person that I've seen before. Let me explain--I didn't see her as blind, I saw her as gifted. I've never felt sorry for anyone that has been deaf, dumb, blind, or any sort of physical disability. I won the volunteer award and scholarship in my high school the year I graduated for working with kids with Down Syndrome and physical disabilities, so I believe that through those experiences it has taught me that everyone has something to teach someone. There are only a few people though in my life that I have seen as gifted. I don't mean just people that are challenged in this way, I mean everyone. Out of everyone I've ever met in my life I've only met a few people that are truly gifted. That get life. The Dalai Llama for one. When I first saw her, I couldn't stop looking at her face, and only when she got into my car did I notice that she was blind and did, in fact, have a walking stick. I didn't notice it at all when I first saw her. I've never had anyone in my car make me feel so good with the things she said and how she said them. She was appreciative of everything, and I caught her, in the rearview mirror closing her eyes and breathing in life, like as if she was on stage and won an award, but she was just staring out the window without the ability to even stare. She kept being appreciative of everything when we talked. She wouldn't stop. It was overwhelming and I got thoughts in my head that put a damn tear in my eye, for realz. Just wanted to say that I appreciate you guys, Paul and Adam. Great talk last night. Miss you boys. Graduate from Pp school with honors.