To that Sentinel

As always, what you read here is either fact or fiction. Someone once wrote and asked which one it was. I wrote back and told him to go fuck himself and if he wanted to hear it in person to take a number and get in the line of "Never Fucking Checked."

I heard lots of cursing from the time after I caught that Sentinel who was standing post near me once. I know what your job was, a diver, and after my eyes snapped open and caught your staring face with gaping eyes I knew exactly what your real job was. Both of you stood up and looked down over The Rock as if you were acting out a training exercise. That was what gave you away, not that you were sloppy, ironically enough it was that you were too good at your jobs. But it was when you went down to my wife that MY training kicked in and I took off after you. You said nothing and played as if you were going for a piss, but that fire in my gut burned hotter than it normally did. I was on to you before you woke up that morning. Don't be too hard on yourself, though. I've had more secrets given to me than you have, different kinds of training. That's why I've been selected for whatever task you're all eventually going to come at me with.

But your eyes told me, just like my eyes told you. 

I just want to let you know, mate, wherever they shoved you off after that, or whatever they stuck to you for what they thought was a fuck up... it wasn't you. I've been on to you guys for some time now. I just wish you'd stop fucking around. "we should tell him" "he knows" "I told you he knows" "I'm gonna stay and see how much he knows"... y'all think I don't have ears and sound doesn't travel, or even worse, you're at the stage where you think whispering things to each other in front of me and talking blatantly is going to last forever and you could give two fucks about what I think about all of this now that the secret is out. I love it when you think you're talking normally but you appear to be whispering or talking normally when you think you're whispering. Hard to keep up with it all isn't it, especially when I'm staring at you right in the face. Hard to appear normal when weird shit is going around all over the place that others can't see, you're surrounded by said people, but you feel like you're in a conversation with one other person, but they're avoiding your questions, your eyes. It's like every single other goddamn person is frozen and you're sitting there with a person that is treating you like you're transparent, yet knows you can hear them. 

You can't even pull off plans to keep me someplace anymore without giving off the obvious odor of a dog taking a shit in a Macy's department store. Just come out with it already. Either you're gonna do it before I die, or I'm going to die soon and the angels are showing themselves to me beforehand and gonna explain everything when I get to Hell's gate. Either, or, I don't think you'd reveal what you have revealed to me already without a 421 behind it and about 10,000 years of syncing up about 100,000,000,000 people that have come and gone since then, or someone who is tweaking the Matrix behind the curtain of the Wizard, without the plan of coming together on Union Street. So bring out the dragon, I'll pull up a chair with all ears and listen to what you've got. Just because I'm destined for something doesn't mean I'm going to do it, especially now with me knowing all of this shit, spies you have blow their cover on the first eye glance on a Saturday night are not making me feel confident about your intentions.

You can't even get current caretakers to lie without flushing their faces pink. Come out with it already. I'm pretty sure nothing is going to surprise me; whether I'm currently living on one of the 75,000 planets where alternate realities of me are running around, yet I'm living on a planet that has been designed to bring myself to consciousness, like, a whole planet. Maybe I'm an A.I. designed from the beginning to be a real person, maybe I'm a future prophet. Maybe I'm all three. The point is, plans change. Change with them to ensure the outcome is the same one you're going to want.