A little steamy...

I was asked by another writer friend to contribute to his book. I love doing this because it stretches my boundaries as a writer and let's me explore areas I don't get a chance to share, even though I think about stuff like that all of the time in meditation.

Again, as any blog on here, any WORD on here actually... question what you read and doubt it's authenticity.

This one is very very graphic. Don't read unless you like experiencing sexual arousal.

This was like 10 years ago. My buddy comes over from Jakarta with his girlfriend. He’s like 20 years older than me and walks with a cane after a stroke he had. His Chinese girlfriend was literally the horniest thing I had ever encountered in my entire life. I mean this woman smelled like pussy juice and was always grinding her hips a bit on the chairs she’d sit in.

So my buddy starts talking about how his girl has always wanted to film during sex. I just laughed and said in a casual way, “wow, I just got a new camera.”

Feeny’s ears perked up, the check was paid, and before you know it we were back at my apartment, she has her cheek rubbing against my mattress with her ass up in the air and Sri Cri Cri had his fingers shoved deep inside her as I’m lighting bowls of weed and fumbling to get my camera on and rolling.

Well, there’s me, trying to film and be professional as a photographer, which is what I went to school for, but I kept getting a hard on like no other. Looking back on the video it is so funny because I’m trying to take filler minutes of lens flares, lighting candles and going night vision with shadow clitoris’, but trying not to look at those two that were fucking their brains out on my bed. Sri Cri Cri was straight faced and having a conversation with me while he pointing out he hit her G spot with his fingers and the vaginal secretions have increased paraphrasing him, but you get the idea.

Well, after about an hour I pull out a vibrating egg and throw It on the bed, followed by a condom that is thrown like a ninja star and a Frisbee at the same time. Those are swooped up in a second, and she starts screaming like the devil entered her cervix and planted acidic sperm along her tract along the way. And she liked it. This woman screamed so loud that the dog across the street started barked. It’s Asia. Everyone lives on top of each other.

I’m standing up at the corner of my bed and can’t take it anymore. I pull out my dick and start whacking off, only to hear Sri Cri Cri say between overweight pants “you can join in if you want.” When he said that Feeny sucked up my dick like a vacuum cleaner.

I kept the camera rolling. I wasn’t drunk, but the room went fuzzy and I woke up shoving the vibrating egg into her asshole. And she loved it.

I video taped us fucking for about 6 hours on and off. We took breaks, had towel wipe downs, snacks, smoked more, drank wine. At one point I closed my eyes with Feeny going down on me, I open them to see Sri Cri Cri jacking me off and I smack his hand away with a stern “No!”  He complies and we go back to fucking Feeny until morning.

We slept about 3 hours, took a bus to the intercity terminal, had a lovely meal along the coast and watched the boats come in and out of the harbor.