Don't Ever Fret

This is for the people that are very close to me in my life, the ones that want to support me here on the internet, but they can't. Society has still not caught up to even nature or healing yet. I understand.  I know that there are people that want to comment on my pictures on different social media platforms, but they can't for fear of someone they know seeing that they "liked" something that had to do with marijuana, that they were associated to something that is still a bit taboo like that. Fuck, I know all about it. I was the same way once, and I know. I just know. Don't feel bad. The few people that wrote me that told me these feeling led me to believe that there are probably some more people out there that feel the same way.  It's OK. 

The world will change in this way. More people will wake up and understand that you're not a pariah if you like a plant that feels good and heals people.


ps... The full moon today is known as the "Flower Moon"