I am Edgar Phillipe


I am Edgar Phillipe.

Since I am dealing with a group of beings I do not know, nor recognize, I will try to speak very simply so there are no misunderstandings. I regret to say how rude I have been, but if this be my only sin, then I will die knowing that it was minimal comparatively.

The societal folkways/mores on our planet are fairly clear:

If you follow someone for long periods of time—you are stalkers.

If you try to control the outcome of a situation, especially by other means than organically—you are manipulators.

If you threaten a person on this planet—you are aggressive and do not win any of my time.

If you try to push someone into a situation they may/may not want—you are a bully.

If you invade a person’s privacy and watch them when they have regressed to their own confinement—then you are criminals.

If you criticize someone for their actions—you are judgemental.

If you talk about someone behind their back in different ways you speak directly to them—you are two-faced.

If you speak in tongues with someone for your enjoyment—you play games.

If you assume that you have the power to do anything—you are arrogant.

If you lie and pretend things for a very long time—you are deceivers.

If you use a group of people to try to persuade someone to do something—you are threatening.

If you aren’t sincere with your actions—you are untrustworthy.

If you have no remorse for the things you do—you are are more than likely, sociopaths.

If you think that a person from this planet tolerates a group of people they don’t know, a group that constantly does all of these things repeatedly to them, that isn’t willing to have a conversation, that doesn’t care that they’ve been working against them instead of with them, that is perceived to be unwavering in their view that the person that they keep treating as an idiot—then you are just plain wrong.

I have my plan, you have yours. If you want to collaborate you will have to pull me aside to have a respectful, direct, sincere conversation, otherwise, I am back to do my work, think about the future, and carry on with my plan. My door is always open. If it is important enough, you will cross the thresholds of your egos. It will be years before I get over my anger, but less if you stop treating me like an ignorant fuck.