Arrival to Q6

A page of paper was found in the archives of Samuraiah. Since Halflings do not shed their DNA researchers are still trying to determine if this truly is from the Diary of Edgar. The words ring true to his speech, yet their have been false claims before. The fact that this page was found on paper though suggest that it was written before The Burn, since all White Pines were scorched and eradicated from the Earth thereafter.


Lava jumper was delayed because of a gas pocket in the outer rim of the Quadrant. But I arrived. My purpose is clear--the Prophecy City of Samuraiah must be set up to train future Wanderers in their quest for peace and war. With every essence of my being, every cell in my body, I know that for now, I must cease my wandering searching and enlightening others. It is here that I must establish the sanctuary. I must rest and heal, protected by the AI shell around Q6. Mt. Fuji has yet to be discovered as a Time Jumping spot. 

Almost as soon as my foot hit the ground someone familiar, yet a being I've never met slipped me one of the first kibbie to come off of Earth as they passed by. He turned with a smile on his face at my tired eye. My eyestring lit up to him in gratitude. They are everywhere, my thoughtful, yet thoughtless souls that surround me in the shadows. I cried when I took it, as usual--and it was the first time that I've ingested kibbie since Kopurnikkan. My actions were slow as usual, but I was still able to move and function, unlike the kibo root of its' origin. 

I am the one that will bring the world together, yet it is still not in my power to do so just yet. The ones that arrived after me, I hope that you have taken my words from before--your job is to reveal yourselves, as I have. Only together, united, and unafraid we shall bring the world together in response to the Amen that wish to burn and steal the beings of this world for Their profits. I am only a man, Halfling, yes, but I identify myself as a human man. I have not the urges, nor the desire to fall to Their poisons. Yet as a man, I am limited to what I can do. I can not be everywhere at once. I am Edgar, but together, we must become Edgar.