A Short Poem~from Q528

Eye strings, eye strings look around.

Eye strings, eye strings, we can't be found.

Eye strings, eye strings, can't you see?

Now it is a little thing called 'we'.

Save your children, save your masks,

Ain't no way we're accepting your tasks.

We are the children, the rebels, the youth.

We are the builders, the seekers of truth.

We are the painters, the poets, the writers galore.

We are the prostitutes, the pimps, the vagrants, the whores.

We are the animals that travel around,

Taking refuge, wherever it is found. 

Grab your binkies, your blankets, your sucking toys.

All of us are going to make you feel like little boys.

This is our home, our place,

Watch it fall from your fingers as we rip off your face.

We are the Rainbow Warriors, protectors of the planet,

Hard as nails, tough as granite.

"Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee",

Soft as water that can cut down a tree. 

Unleash your inner beasts my warriors, 

Let them out! 

Fear is our weapon,

But do not be afraid, do not be in doubt.

Always one step ahead we must look.

This is the biggest game of chess we can't overlook.

Eyes like eagles, claws like leopards, 

Always be ready because I am your shepherd.



Edgar Phillipe~

Wanderer's Journal tip of the day--if food in the woods is in doubt, put it out. If birds and squirrels can eat it, it is safe for you too.