An Angry Apology

As always, what is written in this blog is either fact, fiction, or a glitch in the Matrix, which I guess would be considered fact too.

I love comics. Why? Because I understand Stan Lee and because I'm angry. In my life right now I'm angry. I'm angry for a lot of reasons. One reason is the kind of meditation I have been going through on the preparation for my Buddhist course next year is trodding up lots of old memories. Combined with the new memories that are happening right now, angry that someone I want away from my life is still pulling the marionette strings of my life. I recently left a place, a place where I had a lot of friends. I lied to them about why I was leaving. I lied to protect someone that I knew I had to walk away from, but loved anyways. In the end, even though I did so to protect them, I got proverbial fucked in the end anyways. To my friends out there, you know who you are--I'm sorry I lied, but it was an agreement with someone else. Why do I love comics so much though, you ask? Because right now I'm tearing up into The Punisher on Netflix. It is giving me comfort because as I go deeper into myself on the path I'm taking, I'm slowly alleviating all of this anger and stress. I'm watching The Hulk smash, I'm watching Batman punch and kick, I'm watching the bad guys destroy. And then I'm watching The Punisher have a sentimental moment, I'm watching Hulk turn back into Bruce Banner (David? no?), I'm watching Batman teach Robin a valuable lesson. And then I'm calm. And I'm laughing. The Punisher had me laughing today at Frank's face when he was denied a sandwich in the van. I'm proud to say that I'm in my 40's and I love comics. I now make comics. I'm very proud about my comic love. It does help me want to be a better person.